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      Look here, Ralda, he said; just listen to me.Certainlyso it was, my lady. There was no one to see youbegging his lordships pardon for calling him no onebut I meant


      Taffy swore.


      No one questioned his decision; no one murmured. He collected the cards as listlessly as usual.


      Well, Varley, my boy, said Bill, as he pulled up, how are you? Miss Esmeralda, I hope I see you well? Varley, eres a gentleman as is anxious to see you. Hes been a-hunting for you from Ballarat to Dogs Ear. Low me to introduce you. Mr. Pinchook, one of Englands limbs of the[41] lawMr. Varley Howard, the pride and ornament of Three Star.


      Yes, yes; charming, my dear! he said, innocently. He thought the plain muslin was some kind of rare silk, and that she had left her diamonds upstairs in their case because she did not wish to outshine some of the elder women. It was like her good taste, he thought, and he nodded at her with loving approval. The dinner was a stately one. It would have been a solemn one also but for Esmeralda. She had never been in better spirits, apparently, and she talked and laughed as she used to do before her marriage.The note saying that he held you to ransom, and that he would give you up on payment of two hundred pounds. The fool! as Taffy said; we would have given him two thousand, twenty thousand! and he laughed. Three Star would willingly pay every penny it possessed to recover its Esmeralda.